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Yuffie.... The name hits you like a brick. She is the one character who possibly EVERYONE hates. She's arrogant, snottish, stupid, and an overall bit.... wait a minute.... I don't think that I can say that on Tripod.... let me rephrase that: an over all "Female Dog". All that we could forgive, IF she was a good fighter.... which she isn't. For those of you lucky people out there who don't know about her, she is a "materia hunter." What that means is she likes to steal people's hard earned materia. She also has a long ancestry of Ninja's, although her fighting abilities don't show it. She is also a, secret character. For those of you who really WANT to waste your precious time by getting her, here is a simple guide:

You find Yuffie just after Condor in woods... If you want to find her just stay in a woodland and scrap for a little bit and you should soon be attacked by the queen "female dogs" herself! Just kill her (not a difficult task at all) and you will be at a screen with her passed out on the side and a save point. DO NOT SAVE, it will waste time and Yuffie will get up and run away (but not before stealing a hefty amount Gil first). Just go up to her and she will ask you questions and stuff and you will have a chance to give responses. What I find to be the simplest way to explain is simply say the EXACT OPOSITE of what you WANT to say. Such as, she'll ask if your scared of her and you say your terrified of her. After a little converstation, you will be asked if you want her name, or to say Let's Go, or something along those lines. Do NOT ask her name, because she will run off and steal Gil. Say "Let's go" and THEN you will get to name her.

Later on you will get the option to visit Wutai. When you get there, you will be accosted by Shinra troops who you will have to fight without Materia for some reason. When you win the fight, you realize that a certain theif has taken all your hard earened magic, and that certain little theif is Yuffie. And the chase is on! You have to chase Yuffie throughout the town, finding her various hiding spots. Eventually you will catch her, but she will get away again. A chase will lead you to the mountains, where you will have to fight a boss, WITHOUT MATERIA. Make sure you have physical attackers on your team when you get here, because when I first found this part I was on my way to the Temple of the ancients and I could not get Aeris off my team, and let's face it, while she is the most powerful character in the game, without magic she is useless. Anyways, beat the boss and you will again get your materia back, and Yuffie will once again join you (Why the hell would you let her? Why not kill her? Why?!)

You are person number to be interested in Yuffie..... ugh! What is the matter with you?!