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Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine is one of the 2 known secret characters in FF7 (Keyword: "Known" ). He was once one of the Turks but wanted to *ahem* have a, how should I put this, "Deep Friendship," with Hojo's wife. Naturally, Hojo wasn't too thrilled by this discovery, so he had Vincent fired, and then he locked Vincent in his basement and performed experiments on him. He gave Vincent a metal claw for a hand and powers and stuff. Also, I think he gave Vincent some kind of immortality thing, because when you get Vincent, he is around 27 - 30 you would think, yet he is 30 years older than Sephiroth who is 30! That would make our boy Vincent around 50-60 years old! Dang!

Vincent uses all kinds of firearms in the game. He only gains 1 limit break per level but that is allright, as he turns into an animal or something and does LOADS of damage. The only downside is that when you perform his limit break, you lose control of him. But I think the price is pretty fair, eh?

As I said, Vincent is a *Secret* character. To get him, you must be at the Shinra Mansion in Nibleheim. (Please note: You must actually BE there. This DOES not work during a flashback). In the mansion, in the room just left to the main entrance is a letter. It hints about a combination and a man being locked up in the basement. Now, for those of you who wish to skip finding the combo yourselves, (OoOoHh!!! Me!! ME!!! ) I have written the combo here:

Right: 36 Left: 10 Right: 59 Right: 97

Now go upstairs. The safe is in a room to the left and up.Examine the safe and you'll get a chance to try to open it. You have to turn the dial until you hit the correct number and press the O button to enter it. And you've got a 20 second time limit. Just like a real combination lock you can't pass a number when trying to enter the combination you'll have to start all over agian. So it might take you a while. Once you get the safe open you'll get attacked by Lost Number.

It's beyond me how a monster that big could fit in that tiny safe but who cares just fight him. Lost Number can be a tough fight. It has something like 7000 HP. An easy way to win this is to put Aeris in your party set her limit break to 1 and use Seal Evil. then use you're strongest spells on it. When you've hit it enough one half of it will die. Which side lives and dies depends on the last hit it took before it transformed. If the last hit was a spell the purple side dies, if the last hit was a physical the red side dies. You fight the red side with physical attacks, and you fight the purple side with magic. Got it, good. You get Cosmo Memory for beating it.

With Lost Number out of the way go get the key which is still in the safe and go down to the basement. Don't forget to pick up the Odin materia that popped out of the safe. Alright, go back to the basement the same way you did in Cloud's flashback and go through the previously unaccessable room to the left of the library.

Check Out the center coffin and you'll meet Vincent. You woke him up but he's being real nice about it (that's sarcasm ya'll). Chat about Sephiroth and he'll go back to sleep. But don't worry, talk to him again and you'll get his name and a vague story about Lucrecia and his past conections with Shinra and the Turks. Mr. Valentine will then tell you to get out. You won't get anything more out of him. But try to leave and he'll join your party in the hallway.

You are person to see Vincent