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We all know what one of the best parts of FFVII is, eh? Of course we do. We all know Seph and Aeris are! But another good thing is the various Summons you can obtain throughout the game. My personal favorite is Bahamut~Zero, but every single one of them is breath-taking! Here is a list of all the summons and where they can be found:

Chocobo & Moogle summon= I haven't seen this one before but apparently you can get from the chocobo's in the Chocobo Farm.

Ifrit= Now were talking! This summons some Fire God type guy who bursts forth from the ground and creates a huge fireball and wastes everything on the screen! He can be found on the ShinRa ship after defeating "Jenova-Birth."

Shiva= This summons a chick who is like the goddess of ice or something. You may remember both Shiva AND Ifrit (And many others) form Final Fantasy VI (3 in US). Shiva appears in the middle of a blizzard and completely ices over the enemie. You find Shiva from the girl at the Cannon Tower after you save her.

Titan= This summons some earth-god who lifts up a piece of ground and crushes the enemy. No sublety here. Just brute force. Titan is found in the wrecked Mako generator near Gongaga Town.

Odin= This is one of the most useful summons in the game. It can either Automatically KILL the enemies you are fighting, or it can do one HELL of a lot of damage. OUCH!!! You find Odin in the safe in the ShinRa mansion. On my Vincent page it says how to open the safe.

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