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Tifa Lockheart

Tifa is one of the better members of the FF7 troup. She is bright an optimistic (a little too optimistic sometimes: "..Aeris is dead?! Oh well. Cloud, you must be feeling very lonely. Come "mourn" with me...")and is one tough cookie. Some people have called her a pair of tits with fists, but she is much more than that. Tifa's life is interwound with Cloud's, and she seems to share Cloud's loss of memory and stuff. Cloud made a promise to her long ago and she is now making Cloud keep it (so it would seem...). She also has a revenge and hatred thing going for Sephiroth as he killed her dad (some people just can't forgive and forget. Some people, I tell ya'...).

Tifa is also a really good fighter. I mean REALLY good. She is basically the equal of Cid. At the end of the game, on my party I always have: Cloud, Red XIII, and Tifa (or Cid. Depends who I built better at that moment). Her final limit break is also VERY powerful. With her and Cid, just choose your favorite between the two and start building.

People have come here to get wasted (in more ways than 1) times since this bar was opened