SHINRA’S LEGACYEXT. ANCIENT FOREST - EVENING The last remaining sun of the day peeks through the branches that create the canopy above. A perpetual, cold wind moves past - rustling the leaves.CLOUD stands amidst the trees, the cold wind moving over his hair. He looks around, waiting for something. He opens his mouth, becoming comfortable as the cold air begins to warm. Floating weightlessly in the air, Cloud SEES ...AERIS a pleasant smile on her face. She slowly floats to the ground, and looks at Cloud.Cloud remains speechless for several moments. CLOUD Aeris ... but - Cloud lowers his head. Aeris starts walking toward Cloud, but he tries not to look into her eyes. CLOUD I wanted to save you - Aeris puts a hand to Cloud’s shoulder, still smiling. AERIS Cloud - you did save me, and the Planet. If you hadn’t stopped Sephiroth, the Planet would not have been able to stop Meteor - I wouldn’t have been able to stop Meteor. Cloud looks up into her beautiful eyes, a small smile coming onto his face. AERIS I want to thank you, Cloud -Cloud shakes his head. CLOUD Thank me? You lead us all, you were the one that guided us - AERIS You were our leader ... Cloud ... Aeris leans forward and lightly kisses Cloud’s cheek. DISSOLVE TO: INT. COSMO CANYON INN - CLOUD’S ROOM - DAWN Cloud sleeps on one of the beds, the sheets over him. His eyes open, then he sits up. He moves the sheets off of him, then stands and runs his fingers through his hair. CLOUD Aeris - The door to the room opens, then CAIT SITH steps in. Cait looks over to the other beds, noticing Tifa and Barret still asleep. CAIT SITH Cloud ... Cloud nods, then follows Cait Sith out of the room. INT. COSMO CANYON INN - UPPER LEVEL Cait Sith and Cloud stand outside of the room. Cloud notices the concern on Cait Sith’s cat-like features. CLOUD What is it, Reeve? CAIT SITH I’m not going to be able to speak with you much longer - I’m a traitor to the goals of ShinRa.Cloud shakes his head. CLOUD ShinRa’s dead - CAIT SITH They’re not. They’ve been in control of this world ever since the war at Wutai - such a long time ... Just because they’ve lost Midgar doesn’t mean they’re not going to reassemble. CLOUD What are you saying? Cait Sith sighs. CAIT SITH They’re mobilizing their forces at Junon and those left over from Icicle Inn and the Glacier. ShinRa wants Nibelheim and Corel under martial law; they still want whatever Mako they can get. (beat) Remember the plans of President ShinRa to create Neo-Midgar? Cloud’s eyes widen. CLOUD Who’s giving the orders? CAIT SITH Palmer - the weight of control seems to have matured him a bit. CLOUD I thought this was over. (beat) Why can’t you stop Palmer? CAIT SITH I’ve been in Junon’s prison sector ever since Meteor fell - I just wanted to give you this last warning about the Turks - they’re leading a force into the Forgotten City ... CLOUD What are they after? CAIT SITH The White Materia - Mako ... (beat) And, they’re planning on sending SOLDIER here - they want the Huge Materia. CUT TO: EXT. COSMO CANYON - COSMO CANDLE Cloud stands near the fire, looking out over the cliffs that reach out into the distance. He looks back as Tifa and Red XIII near. TIFA What’s going on? CLOUD ShinRa - they’re after the Huge Materia. TIFA Are we leaving then?Cloud nods. CLOUD Yes. I don’t want the people here to have to deal with SOLDIER. If we have the Huge Materia ... TIFA (interrupting) ... They’ll come after us. CLOUD Exactly. TIFA Where are we going? CLOUD The Forgotten City and after the Turks. Barret exits the inn and starts toward Cloud and Tifa. He raises a hand into the air. BARRET Hey! What’s goin’ on? (yawning) It’s still early ... CUT TO:EXT. JUNON Despite the absence of the Sister Ray, the city is still a testament to the power of ShinRa. The sun glares off of its metallic surface as it hangs in the air.A small fleet of ShinRa cargo ships fill the docking areas - ShinRa guards moving throughout them.INT. JUNON - CONFERENCE ROOM Palmer stands at the end of the long table, wearing his light brown suit. He looks out of the windows as the ShinRa cargo ships are prepared. The door behind him opens, then several members of the new ShinRa board enter. TANDEN a young, muscular African. His face is deadly serious. He wears a blue suit with gold cufflinks.GABRIEL an older man, wearing a striped gray suit. His eyes are thin and piercing.VIVIAN an arrogant woman who wears blue slacks and a blouse.AVIS a young man with very tan skin. He has dark hair and eyes; his eyes have a glare in them ... the sign of having been exposed to Mako. The ShinRa board takes their seats at the conference table. Palmer remains standing, a smirk coming onto his face as Reeve is brought into the room by the three Turks - Reno, Elena, and Rude. PALMER Good morning, Reeve. Reeve remains silent, his face resistent. PALMER Don’t be offended Reeve - we’re appreciative of the role you had in saving us from Meteor. But, ShinRa’s immortal - you should know that. (beat) Where are Cloud and the others? Palmer raises an eyebrow, not having expected a response. He turns away and walks over to a control panel on the far side of the conference room. He presses a few buttons, then watches as a monitor turns on. Palmer then turns back to Reeve. PALMER Do you recall my space program, Reeve? After the war with Wutai, ShinRa’s purpose was no longer just to produce weapons, but also to control, and gather knowledge. A satellite had been constructed and placed into orbit - the mission to follow would have been the ShinRa No. 26 - a manned mission. (beat) Do you know the purpose of the satellite? Elena crosses her arms beside Reeve, a stern look on her face. Reeve barely glances at her, keeping his eyes on Palmer. PALMER Let me explain ... it has been designed to gather imagery and information on Mako sources around the world. We know that the Huge Materia is located in Cosmo Canyon. Sorry, Reeve - you aren’t required any longer.Palmer looks past Reeve to Reno. PALMER Get rid of him - then, get on your way to the Forgotten Capital. The Turks escort Reeve out of the conference room. Palmer then heads back to the chair at the front of table, then sits down. TANDEN Where do you plan to construct Neo-Midgar? PALMER The Promised Land. Vivian raises an eyebrow, not impressed. VIVIAN We don’t even know where it is.Palmer laughs slightly. PALMER On the contrary; I know exactly where it is.The board looks intrigued. PALMER I’m dispatching the Turks there.Avis stands. AVIS I want to accompany them.Palmer nods. PALMER By all means - INT. JUNON - LOWER HALLWAY The Turks walk through the halls, nearing the exit that leads out onto the walkway. Reeve walks ahead of them, Rude directly beside him. As they reach the door, Rude pushes it opened and allows Reeve, Reno, and Elena to walk out.EXT. UPPER JUNON Reeve glances sideways to look at Rude who appears to keep his gaze forward, though it’s hard because of his sunglasses. As Reeve continues to walk beside Rude, Reno slowly reveals his metallic staff. RENO Y’know, Reeve - you were an asset to ShinRa for a while. REEVE But, I retained my conscience - I know.Reno smirks. RENO You don’t have a sense of duty. REEVE Go to hell, Reno - Reno’s eyes thin, then he extends the end of his staff to Reeve. An ELECTRIC CURRENT courses through Reeve, forcing him to cry out and crumple down to the ground.Reno laughs. RENO I’ll join you there. Interrupting Reno, a man wearing a cape hobbles out of one of the nearby shops. MAN What are you doing? ELENA It’s none of your business. The Man throws off his hood, revealing ...CLOUD who pulls out his Ultima Weapon and smiles as he looks at the Turks. CLOUD Oh, yes it is. Coming from behind Cloud, Barret and Tifa reveal themselves and look at the Turks with disdain. RENO You want another fight? TIFA With you three - always. Tifa rushes forward then SLAMS her fists into Reno, then KICKS him. Reno falls back to the ground, but quickly gets back up. Elena laughs, then she takes a step forward and waves her arms. A streak of lightning cascades onto Cloud, knocking him back. Barret watches as Cloud starts to get up, then extends his gun-arm. Before he can actually fire, Rude jumps forward and PUNCHES Barret hard in the face. Rude watches Barret fall to the ground. Rude smirks. RUDE Like that? BARRET I’ll show you ... baldy - RUDE (unimpressed) Intelligent. Rude then KICKS Barret hard in the stomach, then watches as he gasps for air. Tifa leaps toward Reno again, then does her somersault, VAULTING Reno back several feet. Reno lands HARD on the ground, almost losing his grip on hisstaff. TIFA You’re showing in Midgar was better -Reno laughs. RENO You haven’t seen anything, yet.Tifa smiles. TIFA Sure ... As Reno starts to get up, Tifa lowers herself and swings her leg around. Reno puts his staff to her leg, and watches as she is temporarily electrocuted. Cloud watches as Tifa falls to the ground. CLOUD Tifa! Cloud watches as Reno stands up, and stands successfully over Tifa - his staff held inches from her chest.Elena smiles. ELENA (to Cloud) Worry about yourself, cutie. Cloud turns to Elena, just to see as she finishes casting her Firebomb spell. The flames leap out around him, burning his flesh. He cries out, seeing Elena’s twisted smile through the flames. He jumps forward suddenly, catching Elena completely off guard. Cloud then begins leaping up and down around her, using his Limit Break - OmniSlash. Elena takes every hit, unable to cry out after a few of the initial hits. As Cloud finishes, Elena crumples to the ground. She rolls over, trying to get back up. ELENA Bastard ...Reno and Rude look to Cloud. RENO We’ve got two of your comrades down, Cloud - despite your impressive showing, it was all for naught. REEVE (o.s.) I don’t think so, Reno. Reno side glances to Reeve, who stands holding a pistol pointed at him. REEVE Back away ... Reno’s eyes pierce Reeve’s; a hatred unimaginable between the two of them. Unexpectedly, Reno smiles. RENO I’m the one with the shield, Reeve. See, Tifa? (beat) Do you want to see her conduct electricity? Cloud steps toward Elena who is still weak. He extends the point of the Ultima Weapon to her throat. CLOUD I’ve got a shield too, Reno. Reno laughs, and looks over everybody. Cloud holding his sword to Elena, Rude now holding Barret by the neck, and Reeve extending his pistol at him. RENO Who dies first, Cloud? We’re ShinRa ... Turks ... we don’t care about the masses. CLOUD If you kill, Tifa - RENO Don't threaten me, Cloud.Elena coughs, struggling. ELENA Kill her, Reno.Reno looks amused. RENO Input, Elena? The sole Turk who’s been bested by Avalanche ... give me a break. Rude looks at his watch, then lifts a cellular phone to his ear and mouth. RUDE Guards ... Upper Junon Path - now. Reno and Cloud just stare at one another. Suddenly, Tifa lifts her leg up and SMASHES it into Reno’s wrist. His staff flies from his hands. Rude’s face twists in surprise, then he prepares to break Barret’s neck. Before he completes the move, Reeve turns toward Rude then SHOOTS him in the shoulder. Rude is forced to release Barret. Barret quickly stands, then SMASHES his gun-arm across Rude’s face. Rude falls to the ground, his sunglasses falling away from his eyes.Cloud looks to Barret, Tifa, and Reeve. CLOUD Let’s go ... The four of them then start running toward the pathway that leads to the lower Junon underwater path. Reno watches them leave, then hears commotion behind him. He looks back to see several guards now running toward them. RENO (low) Too little, too late ...Elena stands up, then brushes herself off. ELENA We can stop Avalanche.Reno shakes his head. RENO No. They don’t matter - after we have the White Materia and the Promised Land, this entire planet will change and they’ll be lost during the transition.INT. JUNON - CONFERENCE ROOM The executive board meeting continues, though Avis is no longer present. PALMER ... However, there is speculation that those exposed to JENOVA cells may not die; after all, JENOVA is eternal and will always come together. VIVIAN What are you saying, Palmer? PALMER We were just planning on getting the White Materia ... we may wind up with the Black Materia and Sephiroth as well ... The enthusiastic statement takes the board members by surprise. GABRIEL Sephiroth is dead ... PALMER But, JENOVA is not - she will come together again ... Sephiroth had been injected with some of the earliest cells ShinRa had collected; he may return - (beat) ... If Hojo’s theories are correct, of course. The door at the front of the room opens, a ShinRa Guard stepping in. GUARD (to Palmer) Sir ... Cloud and the others were here. They’ve escaped with Reeve ...Palmer shakes his head. PALMER Doesn’t matter. They can’t stop ShinRa ... not now. The Guard nods, then exits. CUT TO:EXT. HIGHWIND/JET The jet form of the Highwind streaks through the sky, it’s wings buffeting on the low cloud cover.INT. HIGHWIND - BRIDGE Cid stands with the Pilot, watching the compass as it heads north. Cloud, Barret, and Tifa enter to see Cid and Shera standing at the front of the Highwind. Behind Tifa who is the last to step in, Reeve enters. Cid looks surprised to the see the suited ShinRa executive enter. CID So ... you’re Cait Sith ... Reeve gives a reluctant smile. REEVE (ironically) In the flesh ... Reeve looks around at the empty bridge. He then turns to Tifa who stands near Barret. REEVE Where are the others? TIFA Red XIII wanted to stay with the people at Cosmo Canyon, just in case SOLDIER arrives. We assume that Yuffie returned to Wutai ... and, Vincent - we don’t know. REEVE So, you four are Avalanche? Barret steps toward Reeve. BARRET That’s right! We’re a little under-manned - but, we can still take on ShinRa. CUT TO: EXT. FORGOTTEN CITY - NIGHT The entire city which is normally quiet and serene has been completely lit up and taken over by ShinRa troops. Helicopters streak through the sky, lights illuminating different areas of the simple buildings and avenues. We watch as one ShinRa helicopter lowers itself to the ground, three others darting overhead. The side door of the helicopter opens, then Avis gets out. He surveys the area with his thin eyes, impressed. The Turks get out of the helicopter after him, somewhat cleaned up from their fight earlier. The helicopter lifts into the air and joins the others as they move over the now populated city.Avis looks back to the Turks. AVIS Where is the capital at? RENO The center of the city ... AVIS Good. After we have the White Materia call in another helicopter. Reno looks at Avis, a slightly annoyed look on his face. RENO What for? AVIS We’re going to enter the northern cave ... and find the Black Materia.Elena gives a quiet laugh. ELENA If we can even get into the cave.EXT. FORGOTTEN CAPITAL - CENTRAL BUILDING Avis and the Turks approach the building that looks much like a large sconce shell. They walk around the serene lake that is beside the building, then enter it. ShinRa troops move all around, constructing new complexes and machinery for the reading of materia.INT. CENTRAL BUILDING Avis looks amazed at what he sees. He starts toward the stairs and moves upthem. AVIS My mother used to tell me about the Cetra ... I used to think it would be great to have their powers and knowledge ... Avis and the Turks reach the second stairway that leads downward into the actual capital. AVIS ShinRa is the second best thing.INT. FORGOTTEN CAPITAL Avis and the Turks walk slowly down the high, elegant stairway. They begin to hear water, and see the Water Altar still in the distance. After a few minutes, they reach the bottom of the stairs and move past an opening that leads to a smaller set of stairs ... after they have gone down them, they reach the water and the few pillars that lead to the Altar. Avis’ eyes survey the crystal clear depths of the water. His eyes then widen as he SEES ...THE WHITE MATERIA glinting gently in the water. He closes his eyes a moment, then whispers a word. In the next instant, the materia begins to lift from the water and into the opened hand of Avis. AVIS I don’t believe it ...Avis looks back to Rude. AVIS Contact Junon - let them know we have the White Materia. Rude nods, then lifts his cellular telephone to his ear and mouth. CUT TO:EXT. ROCKET TOWN - NIGHT Reeve and the Avalanche members enter the small town, the Highwind beyond the town limits.Reeve walks beside Cid and Shera, a concerned look on his face. REEVE I don’t know that we should be wasting time - the Turks are probably already at the City. SHERA But, everyone needs rest ... INT. ROCKET TOWN INN - CLOUD’S ROOM Cloud stands at the window, looking at the remains of the machinery that had been built up around the ShinRa No. 26. He sighs, and lowers his head. His door opens, then Tifa enters. TIFA Can’t sleep? Cloud shakes his head. CLOUD No. TIFA I’m not surprised - I noticed you had been dreaming a lot lately. (beat) What have your dreams been about?Cloud seems reluctant to answer. CLOUD Aeris - TIFA And, Sephiroth? CLOUD No. Just Aeris ... TIFA Does she say anything? CLOUD She doesn’t want me to think her death is my fault - but, I almost killed her on that altar. Then, I watched as Sephiroth killed another person with that damned Masamune ... Tifa puts a hand to Cloud’s shoulder. TIFA You didn’t kill her - Sephiroth did. Remember how strong Aeris was? Sephiroth killed her because he was afraid of her strength ... Cloud turns to look at Tifa. CLOUD Thanks, Tifa ... (beat) Aeris was the last Cetra - their powers aren’t understood ... Tifa doesn’t understand. TIFA What? CLOUD There must be some way to bring Aeris back - mend what Sephiroth has done. TIFA We stopped him, and freed Holy - Aeris knew what she was doing ... Let her rest, Cloud ... Cloud lowers his head. Tifa smiles, then turns and starts out of the room. TIFA Get some sleep ...Cloud returns her smile. CLOUD Good night, Tifa. DISSOLVE TO:INT. MIDGAR SECTOR 5 SLUMS - CHURCH Cloud stands in the small church, the flowers blossoming at the front near the altar. Aeris comes into the main room of the church from the back. She smiles as she sees Cloud. She then turns to her flowers, then kneels down and begins to work with them. Cloud approaches her. AERIS I love these flowers ... they’re so pretty ... CLOUD Thanks to you. You’ve always given people hope, Aeris ... how can anyone repay you?Aeris looks up at Cloud, then shakes her head. AERIS I don’t need to be repaid. Just helping others ... that’s what brings happiness. CLOUD Aeris - Aeris stands, then puts a finger to his lips. AERIS Cloud - ShinRa is after the White Materia. CLOUD I know. AERIS I don’t know what they want to do with it ... CLOUD Would Reeve know?Aeris shakes her head. AERIS I don’t think so. (beat) You have to get it, a friend will need it. CLOUD What friend? AERIS You’ll find out in time - Cloud nods, then watches as Aeris fades away her voice echoing. AERIS I’ll be with you ... CUT TO:EXT. NORTHERN CAVE - OVERHEAD - MORNING Three ShinRa helicopters dart over the northern cave, seeing that the opening in the crater is now closed.INT. LEAD SHINRA HELICOPTER - BACK Avis looks down at the blocked crater entrance, then looks back to Reno and Elena. AVIS I guess you were right, Elena -Elena raises an eyebrow. ELENA How so? AVIS You said the crater might not be opened ... you were right.Avis looks back down at the crater. EXT. SHINRA BUILDING - SOMETIME LATER The newly constructed building sits as a monolith in the northern land; we can see Icicle Inn in the distance. Several vehicles move around the building. INT. SHINRA BUILDING - OFFICE Avis stands in the office, a telephone to his ear. He dials a number, looking at the White Materia that sits on the desk. AVIS Sir ... the Northern Cave has been blocked. Avis listens to the other person on the line (Palmer), and nods. AVIS Yes - I’ve already begun the mining. Is the Black Materia within the cave? CUT TO:INT. JUNON - PALMER’S OFFICE Palmer stands in the large office, sitting behind his metallic desk. He holds the receiver of his telephone, and works with his computer systems. Palmer brings up satellite imaging that had been earlier documented. PALMER Yes, Avis. Our satellite is reading massive sources of Mako energy all over the Northern Continent. The Black Materia should be there ... AVIS (filtered) What about Sephiroth? PALMER Get the Black Materia, Avis. AVIS (filtered) Yes, sir. Palmer cuts off the line, then puts the receiver back down to the base of the telephone. He looks at the satellite imaging, and smiles. The door at the front of the office opens, then Gabriel enters. Palmer looks up at Gabriel. PALMER What is it? GABRIEL Our forces have been divided - SOLDIER has Cosmo Canyon, and Corel has been placed under martial law.Palmer smiles. PALMER Excellent. (beat) Do we have the Huge Materia, then? GABRIEL No. It was not at Cosmo Canyon. PALMER Hmm. Then, Cloud and his allies must have it with them. GABRIEL What do you want to do?Palmer thinks for a moment. PALMER I guess we’ll have to dispatch SOLDIER after the Highwind ... Place Commander Foyer in charge. Gabriel nods, then turns and exits the office. Palmer watches him leave, a small smile remaining on his face.EXT. ROCKET TOWN - OUTSIDE INN Cloud and the others stand outside of the inn, Cid and Shera approaching from their house.Cloud looks at everyone, a concerned look on his face. CLOUD Are we ready to face ShinRa, again?Barret nods. BARRET You bet, Cloud. There’s no way I’m going to let that damned Palmer get the White Materia. Who knows what he’d try to do with it. Cloud nods, and looks to Tifa who stands beside him. Cloud then looks to Reeve. CLOUD Are you wanting to come, Reeve?Reeve nods. REEVE It would be hypocritical of me to use the Cait Sith robot all the time ... after what you’ve done for me -Shera smiles and steps forward. SHERA And, I want to come too ... Cid looks to Shera - his cigarette nearly falling from his mouth, a look of bewilderment on his face CID What? There’s no way you’re coming. We’re going up against ShinRa. SHERA I know that - Cid shakes his head. CID No - absolutely not. (beat) Besides, I thought you were going to start repairing the Tiny Bronco - Shera looks surprised. SHERA You want me to? CID Well, after you helped me in the rocket ... I guess I’d have to trust you to do a good job.Shera smiles. SHERA Thanks, Cid. Cloud and Tifa look at one another, smiling at the conversation between Shera and Cid. TIFA We should get going ...Shera nods. SHERA Right. I’ll see you all when you get back - The group starts out of town and toward the Highwind that remains in the distance. Cloud lets everyone else pass him as they head for the Highwind, then he walks alongside Cid. CLOUD You know, Cid ... Cid looks to Cloud, taking a drag off of his cigarette. CLOUD If you keep acting like that, people are going to think you care for Shera. Cid almost takes in a gasp with the comment and begins coughing. Cloud laughs, then starts walking ahead of Cid. Cid takes the cigarette from his mouth and throws it the ground, still coughing. CID Dumbass! I don’t make you choke on your cigarettes! Cloud turns back. CLOUD That’s because I don’t smoke. Cid grumbles and follows the group as they near the Highwind. EXT. SKY - SEVERAL MINUTES LATER The Highwind lifts into the air, then the thrusters burst to life and it darts through the sky to the north.INT. HIGHWIND - BRIDGE Cloud stands at the front of the bridge, looking out to the land below, the ocean nearing. Barret and Tifa approach; Tifa runs her fingers through her dark hair. TIFA What do you think ShinRa’s planning on doing with the White Materia?Cloud shakes his head. CLOUD I don’t know - but, any Materia they get is going to be used to give them more power. We have to get the White Materia from them. BARRET We’ll do it, Cloud. We’ve had Palmer running in the past - we can do it again.Cloud smiles. CLOUD You mean when he got hit by that truck?Barret starts laughing. BARRET Watching fat Palmer get hit was the highlight of my day! Tifa rolls her eyes. TIFA You’re too easily amused, Barret. I hope Marlene doesn’t act like you ... BARRET Hey -Tifa laughs. TIFA Just kidding. Reeve approaches, sliding a hand into a pocket of his suit. REEVE I just wanted to thank you ... for coming to Junon. BARRET It wasn’t no problem - Cloud nods to Reeve, while Tifa just holds her pleasant smile. TIFA You’ve helped us, Reeve. CUT TO:EXT. FORGOTTEN CITY - EVENING The city is still just as active as we remember; ShinRa troops still working machinery, helicopters darting through the air.EXT. NORTHERN CAVE - OVERHEAD A huge mining operation has begun over the rock that now blocks the crater, bright lights illuminating the sky from the huge structure. We turn to look away from the crater and into the night sky, the Highwind suddenly flying into sight.INT. HIGHWIND - BRIDGE Cloud, Tifa, and Barret look out of the Highwind and down to the Forgotten City. In the distance (over the Ice Forest) they can see the lights that originate from the Northern Cave. Cid comes away from the controls of the ship and looks down at the operations ShinRa has on the ground. CID I don’t believe it. What the hell are they doing? CLOUD They think this is the Promised Land ... Reeve nods from behind them - he remains standing at the center of the bridge. REEVE They’re beginning construction of new Mako reactors - and the city of Neo-Midgar. BARRET What!INT. SHINRA BUILDING - AVIS’ OFFICE Avis stands at the back of his office in front of the large, glass window. He watches as more machinery is brought in and placed in the ground to be a part of one of the Mako reactors. He turns as the door to his office opens and Reno and Elena enter. AVIS What is it?Reno smirks. RENO It’s the Highwind, Avis ... we’ve got company. (beat) Do you want SOLDIER to disable them? Avis responds quickly. AVIS No. Palmer believes the Huge Materia to be with them - handicap the Highwind, then get the Huge Materia.Reno nods. RENO Understood. Reno steps out of the office. Elena puts a hand to her hip and eyes Avis, then she follows.EXT. FORGOTTEN CITY - SHINRA DEFENSES Several large gun turrets begin to turn and take aim in the sky - lights nullify the darkness, making the Highwind completely visible. The turrets begin firing at the same time, filling the sky with their amm unition.INT. SHINRA BUILDING - AVIS’ OFFICE Avis remains standing in his office, watching as the turrets begin firing - lighting up the sky.INT. HIGHWIND - BRIDGE Cid’s eyes widen as he stands at his controls. CID Holy shit! They’re going to blow us out of the sky! From the glass windows at the front of the Highwind, we see several streaks of light pass by ... the blasts from the ShinRa turrets.EXT. SKY The Highwind passes through the blasts that fill the sky, but suddenly two streaks hit the right thruster of the Highwind, destroying it. The Highwind immediately begins to lose altitude.INT. HIGHWIND - BRIDGE Cid starts working with the controls, but has to fight to keep any sort of balance. Everybody else falls to the floor, watching as Cid tries to work quickly. CID We’ve lost a thruster! Hold on to something ...! EXT. SHINRA BUILDING - HELIPAD Reno and Elena run out to the helipad where the propellor of helicopter starts thumping in the air. Next to the Pilot of the helicopter, we see Rude. Reno and Elena hurry to the helicopter, then jump inside. A moment later, the helicopter lifts into the air.EXT. CANYON The Highwind loses altitude quickly, starting to plow into the rock of the canyon, north of the Forgotten City. Several helicopters come from the ShinRa base at the Forgotten City and head toward the Highwind as it CRASHES into the canyon.INT. HIGHWIND - BRIDGE Everyone is buffeted around as the Highwind hits the rock of the canyon. We can hear the meal being twisted and broken into by the rocks.EXT. CANYON After several moments, the Highwind comes to a stop - smoke coming from the destroyed thruster.INT. HIGHWIND - BRIDGE Cid gets up and looks around. He has a large cut on the side of his face. CID Everyone okay?We watch slowly as the others begin to get up. BARRET Damned, ShinRa ... TIFA We have to get out of here - they’ll be here any minute ... CLOUD We have get the Huge Materia. Tifa shakes her head. TIFA There’s no time. If we get caught we won’t be able to get the White Materia - and, we’ll never get the Huge Materia back. We have to go.Reeve nods. REEVE She’s right, Cloud.Cloud looks hesitant. CLOUD Fine. Let’s get out of here.The group then exits the Bridge.EXT. CANYON The helicopters dart through the air, their lights shining on the canyon rock at the bottom of the canyon.INT. LEAD HELICOPTER - BACK Reno and Elena sit in the back of the helicopter, looking out of the windows. Soon, they come into the sight of the downed Highwind.Reno looks to the Pilot. RENO Order everyone down there; I want Cloud and the Huge Materia ... The Pilot nods, then lifts his radio.EXT. CANYON - TRAIL Cloud leads the group up a trail that runs parallel with the canyon wall. They glance back for a moment to watch as the ShinRa helicopters begin to land and surround the Highwind. Cloud looks angry as he turns and continues on his way. Tifa notices his thin eyes, and looks back for a moment.EXT. SHINRA BUILDING - HELIPAD - HOUR LATER The lead helicopter lands on the helipad, the Turks getting out. At the entrance into the building, Avis stands in the wind of the propellor. AVIS Well, do we have the Huge Materia? Reno nods, and looks up into the sky as the other helicopters pass overhead. RENO You bet we do. AVIS Where are Cloud and the others? RENO They weren’t in the Highwind. AVIS Find them. Reno nods, then watches as Avis heads back into the building. EXT. CANYON - NEAR FORGOTTEN CITY Cloud and the group come up near the FORGOTTEN CITY, watching as the ShinRa crews continue with their construction preparations.Barret’s eyes are wide. BARRET They’re destroying the place!Cloud looks back to Reeve. CLOUD Where would they have the White Materia? REEVE In that ShinRa building ...Reeve gestures to the building in the distance. REEVE If it’s still here.Cloud nods and starts toward the building. INT. SHINRA BUILDING - AVIS’ OFFICE Avis enters his dark office, pressing a switch so that a small light turns on at the back of his office. He heads toward his desk, running his fingers through his hair. As he moves to stand behind it, he presses a button on his telephone. AVIS Put me through to Palmer.EXT. SHINRA BUILDING - BACK ENTRY Cloud and the others reach the door, then enter. INT. SHINRA BUILDING - ENTRY HALL They step into the empty hall, then start toward the elevator at the far end. EXT. SHINRA BUILDING - BACK ENTRY Rude walks past the door, turning to look at it. He SEES Cloud standing the elevator, just as the doors slide closed. By his stance, we can tell that Rude seems amused by their presence. INT. SHINRA BUILDING - AVIS’ OFFICE - FEW MINUTES LATER As Avis takes notes on a sheet of paper, his intercom comes to life. GUARD (filtered) Avis - we have intruders in the hallway that adjoins to your office. Do you want us to send guards up? AVIS Of course, I do. But, wait for them to reach their destination before engaging them ... I want them trapped. GUARD (filtered) Yes, sir. Avis then opens a drawer in his desk, revealing a Mako Gun. He pulls it out, then stands.INT. SHINRA BUILDING - 14TH FLOOR HALL Rude walks through the hall, holding a pistol in his hand. INT. SHINRA BUILDING - 14TH FLOOR - CONTAINMENT ROOM The door to the dim room opens, Reeve stepping in. Behind him, the others enter. REEVE ShinRa always used containment rooms to hold their materia resources ...Cloud nods. CLOUD Do they keep the materia in cases - like SOLDIER used to do? REEVE Yes. Reeve walks to the back of the room, and reaches one of the containment cases. The others stand in the middle of the room, and wait. AVIS (o.s.) Avalanche is brave, eh? Everyone turns to see Avis standing holding his Mako Gun extended at them. REEVE Avis? AVIS Thanks for the introduction - (beat) Why did you come here? CLOUD We’re not going to let ShinRa use the White Materia ...Avis nods. AVIS I see. Avis pulls the trigger of the gun, then watches as ICE slams into Cloud, surrounding him then bursting apart. Avis smirks, then pulls the trigger of the gun again. A Barrier extends around him. Barret then steps forward and starts firing on Avis, the bullets slamming into the Barrier. Tifa jumps forward beside Barret and waves her arms - a Tornado erupts over Avis, forcing him to lurch back. Avis runs his fingers through his hair. He pulls the trigger of the gun again, then watches as three blasts of Lightning slam down onto Tifa, knocking her to the ground. Cid slides toward Avis, slamming his lance into Avis’ barrier. Avis laughs as the weapon barely hurts him. Cid then PUNCHES Avis, knocking him to the ground. AVIS Impressive - Avis raises his Mako Gun again, then a burst of green light erupts in the center of the room. Several concussive blasts of the Ultima spell sweep over everything, knocking everyone to the ground. The spell blasts out the far back wall, allowing a cold wind to blow in. Cloud stands next to Tifa, watching as Avis stands back - his suit jacket waving in the wind. Avis runs his fingers through his hair. Cloud swings sword around and holsters it behind him, letting a blast of FIRE slam into Avis, then extend outward. Tifa follows the lead and steps forward and waves her arms again. Cold air surrounds Avis, then a block ice surrounds him. A moment later, it bursts apart. Barret fires at Avis again, but the bullets are still blocked by the Barrier. Avis lurches back, then fires his gun. The ground bursts up around the group, nearly knocking them to the floor. Cloud rushes forward, his sword drawn. He cuts the front of the Mako Gun off. Avis stands defenseless. Cid puts his lance over his shoulder then kneels down and casts another spell. A huge Bio spell surrounds Avis, poisoning him. Avis falls to one knee, looking up at Cloud and the group. CLOUD It’s over, Avis.Avis laughs. AVIS Not by a long shot. Avis stands and reaches into the pocket of his suit coat. He removes the White Materia. He gestures his hands out to the group, then lets a huge blast of freezing air envelope them. The group falls to their knees. Reeve removes his pistol. REEVE Barret! Barret turns to Reeve, then nods. Reeve and Barret stand up, then start firing at Avis. The bullets knock Avis back against the wall. Tifa rushes forward and slams her fists into him. She punches him across the face, then grabs him by the neck. Avis looks into her eyes, full of hatred. Cloud steps forward, then reaches down and lifts the White Materia. Just then, the door to the room bursts opened - Rude standing in the opening. He extends his pistol, then begins FIRING. The bullets blast through the air then SLAM into Barret. Barret’s eyes widen, then he falls back to the ground - wounds on his chest. Tifa releases Avis and lets him fall to the ground; she looks over at Barret - everyone then watches as Rude steps into the room. Rude stares at them, his face stern. A large group of guards then come into the room and begin to surround the party. Rude walks over to Barret and stands over him. TIFA (to Rude) If you hurt him ...Rude raises an eyebrow. RUDE You mean kill him? He’s already hurt. The guards begin escorting the party from the room, leaving Rude to stand over the bleeding Barret.END PART ONEShinRa’s Legacy by Brian M. CardDraft I July 26, 1998 - July 29, 1998