Seraphim's Final Fantasy VII Homepage
This isn't a fanfic....It's just the link back to my main page
ShinRa's Legacy
This is a FanFic. It is written in a Script Format so don't get confused when you read it. It's good!
Hojo is my Heroe!
A hillarious fanfic by Katie Nadler and Jammy Bleack!
The attack on Aeris
A great FanFic by Savior Cloud!
A Final Fantasy Wedding
Guess who's getting married? A really good FanFic by Jen V.
Final Fantasy VII: Resurection
A great FanFic by Janet. I didn't know that Aeris had a daughter.....
Final Fantasy meets Jerry Springer
A hillarious fanfic by Lady Starlight
Lament : An ode to Vincent
Not really a fanfic as much as a poem. A great piece of work by Lady Starlight
Hyper's role in FF7
A fanfic from my good friend Katie Nadler.
Who is it?
An FF6/FF7 combo story.
A typical day in Figaro
An.... odd.... fanfic about Final Fantasy 6

Fan   Fiction

Hi! We don't have much FanFiction to be found here yet... But you can help change that! If you have what it takes to write a really good fanfic, then write it and e-mail it to me! I will be putting some of my own up here, but you can get in on the fun too! Just remember these few guide-lines when writing you fanfic:

1) Do NOT have any Sexual content. This is FF7, a game, not an edition of PlayBoy.

2) Do NOT have bad grammer and spelling mistakes... Please ProofRead your fanfic before submission.

3) Make sure the fanfic is FF7 related.

4) The use of Profanity is allowed... to an extent. If you say F#^K every 5 words, or have unnecessary swearing it will NOT be put up on this site. I can only tolerate so much.

Please follow those rules when writing your fanfic. It isn't too much to ask. Once they are done, e-mail me your fanfic and I will read it. If I think it is good enough (Trust me, I am not picky. If it follows the rules you have a 95% chance of it being put up)and if it follows the rules, it should be placed up here in a couple of days.


PS: I may even be able to give prizes to the best fanfics (IF I get enough people clicking on the banners on my banner page). Does a Cash Prize sound good to you? I'm $ure it doe$.

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