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Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife is the victim of Final Fantasy VII. You are supposed to believe he is the hero of the game, and that Sephiroth is the villain, but like a lot of other things in Final Fantasy VII, nothing is what it seems. Cloud and Sephiroth are victims, Aeris is the hero, and Jenova is the true villain.

Cloud is manipulated by Jenova right from the start of the game. Note how Cloud starts shaking when he is about to blow up the first Mako Reactor? That is because he is going against Jenova's will. Cloud actually doesn't even become a useful member of the team until after he discovers his true past and stops being controlled by Jenova (After the Jenova battle after Aeris is killed, Jenova says "Because you a puppet). Jenova convinces Cloud that he is actually Zack, and gives Cloud all of Zack's memories. Cloud was actually just a lower ranking ordinary Soldier. There are many confusing elements to Cloud's existance. First he believes he is Zack, then he thinks he is Sephiroth's clone, and Finally he finds out the truth.

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