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Cid is a really good character in FF7. He has some very decent fighting ability and his limit breaks are pretty good. I find him to be very similar in abilities to Tifa, except Tifa is a bit better with Magic then Cid, and Cid is a bit better than Tifa at attacking. If it comes to a choice between Cid or Tifa, just take whoever is built up more.

Cid is a famous pilot who has always dreamed of being the first man in space. His wish "almost" came true. When his ship was about to blast off, one of the workers (sheryl? Sherry? Damn! I'm not good with names... I really DO have to play this game through again!)was busy checking the air supply and Cid aborts the launch to save her life. The launch was stopped, but soon after Shinra stopped funding the space project and Cid never got to go up. Because of this he is kinda' pissed off at the Shinra.

I like Cid, but man does he swear! I don't think there is enough soap on this planet to wash that mouth out! Luckily, I am not one of those people who gets offended when people cuss, and I think he is damn hillarious. He is definately one of my favorite characters.

Right now, I would have to say that my favorite Cid quote is when you were having tea with him and he said "%$^**&#^@!!! !#$%%#^@*!!!! %&$!!! &$%*&!!!" Damn, that's deep. I think I feel a tear comin' on.

Cid has been visited times, ya &*#$#%!!!