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Barret Wallace

Barret is the leader of AVALANCHE. He hired Cloud to help his group destroy the Mako reactors that are destroying the planet. You could say he is a "Tree Hugger" but, with that big gun instead of an arm, I suggest otherwise. His Wife was killed an accident a while ago and now he lives with his daughter. He has relied on his gun arm to get him through many things but the Shinra have been stronger and that has forced him to turn to outside help, eg. Cloud Strife. At the beginning of the game, he HATES Cloud, but things change. Barret is one to be feared because of his Brute strength and intelligence.

Barret is a rather good character in this game, though I must say he is not my favorite. True, he is a very good fighter but I prefer other people and think others are better. I also think he is a little too stereo-typical. You know, with all his "Die Foo' " and other stuff. Despite what I think of him, he can be SUPER tough by the end of the game if you build up his skills, and his final Limit Break is VERY impressive. He is an important part of the team.

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