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Aeris Resurection

Aeris is my favorite character in the game. She is funny, unbelievably powerful, and beautiful to boot! The best thing about her is that, unlike (most) other female video game characters, she is not a whiny little brat yelling "save me" every 10 seconds. In fact, and I know some people may have missed this, but she even saves Cloud a few times!

I have cleared all the Aeris Resurrection notes from this page because as I have been playing the game and thinking, I have found a few errors in my logic and I have found more reasonable explanations for some of the things I have mentioned. I STILL BELIEVE YOU CAN RAISE AERIS IS THE US VERSION!! Instead of having all the notes written up here, I have written a report on various things in the game. This is report number #1, expect more to follow. This is what I have so far on the Aeris Resurrection, and it also deals with the Ending of the game that no one seems to understand (Aeris is alive at the end of the game). It also has on it the most famous Aeris Resurrection processes that don't work, that way you won't waste time trying the out. I have also included my OWN resurrection notes on how I *THINK* you can raise Aeris.

If you are interested in this report, please click here: My Aeris Resurection Notes:

The Aeris Resurrection report #1

Look for another Aeris Report soon! I will post it when I am done writing it. (Don't hold your breath too long though, it takes me forever to update)

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