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This the Translation to the song, "One Winged Angel."
"One Winged Angel" is the final battle music.

Sephiroth's MaDnEsS!!

Sephiroth is possibly the most tragic character in the game. His whole life is spent being a slave to Jenova, who is the TRUE villain of the game. Square does a really good job of hiding this fact. This can be evidenced during the Final Battles of the game. First you fight Jenova, who is EXTREMELY easy. A little TOO easy? After her defeat, you may think she is dead, but your wrong. Next you fight Bizzaroe Sephiroth, who symbolizes Sephiroth's conversion with Jenova. Look very closely at this monster: In the torso area we can clearly identify Sephiroth's face but if you look on top of the monster, at the head, you'll see Jenova, her two tentacles dangling in front of Sephiroth. Watch the monsters movements when it attacks. Jenova's two tentacles lift and begin dangling over Sephiroth's head, like a puppeteer controling her favorite puppet. In the third battle you face Seraph Sephiroth, by far one of the toughest fights you will face (next to the Weapons). The angelic form of Seraph Sephiroth is highlighted by it's monstrous wing where the right arm should be. Note the colors of the wing: Blue, white, reddish brown, and black. Exactly the same colors that the three Jenova Monsters spread out through the game consist of. Also, note the final lyric in the aria song sung during the battle: "Come, come, O come, Do not let me die. O one winged of the lower depths." Now in the fourth battle, Cloud faces Sephiroth and without the Power of Jenova to contend with, he utterly SLAUGHTERS Sephiroth.

But how can this be? Sephiroth seemed so strong, how can he be this weak? The answer is simple, Sephiroth seems weak because Sephiroth IS weak. He was merely a puppet of Jenova, hence the revelation of the TRUE villain of FF7. Sephiroth is merely a victim, as is Cloud. The only differance is that Cloud was strong enough to deny Jenova control over him after he finds out about himself.

I know of a way to get Sephiroth to join your party, but it involves Gameshark. The Exact code is:

Play As Sephiroth Gameshark Code

This is the code to use Sephiroth but he can only be used on disk 1 and 2.

First start the game with the code on.Then when the title screen appears turn the Gameshark off.

Next load a saved game on the 1st or 2nd CD. Next go to PHS and remove the 3rd character on the party screen. Now turn the Gameshark back on and Sephiroth will appear! Now turn the Gameshark off and save your game so you will always have Sephiroth. The codes are below.

The master code is 80000000-0000

The code itself is 8009B376-FF0A

I have also heard that is possible to learn his "Super Nova" move, both WITH a gameshark, and without one. If you know how to learn this move, then please E-Mail me the info. The same thing applies if you know about the Gameshark code for this: Just E-Mail me the stuff. I will continue to update you on any new info that I recieve.

You are victim number to fall under Sephiroth's MaDnEsS